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Roster for Men’s World Championship is announced

The national team coach Kristian Marosi and his staff announced the roster for the men’s World Championship. Eight of the 18 players have not yet played in the men’s national team.

On Monday, the team will travel to Stockholm, Sweden, where they will continue their preparation for Thursday’s start with a shorter training camp.

March 24, 13:00, Hungary – Czechia
March 24, 20:00, Hungary – Switzerland
March 25, 08:00, Hungary – Germany
March 25, 15:00, Hungary – Slovakia
March 26, 12:00, Hungary – Netherlands

The playoffs will start on the afternoon of 26th March, with the top 4 teams competing in the semi-finals and the remaining two teams competing for the 5th place.

The roster:
Goalkeepers: Filip Berglönn Szabó (GT/76, SWE) and Kristóf Herceg (Zuglói Pingvinek)

Players: Dániel Bata (Dynamo Budapest), André Berglönn Szabó (GT/76, SWE), Boldizsár Béres (Észak-Pesti BC), Tamás Gál (Dynamo Budapest), Balázs Gáspár (Észak-Pesti BC), Péter Jankovics (Dynamo Budapest), Márton Kleinhappel (Zuglói Pingvinek), Balázs Kocsány (Észak-Pesti BC), Zoltán Muzsik (Észak-Pesti BC), Jesper Nagy (Katrineholm Bandy, SWE), Dennis Pacsay (Falu BS, SWE), Gergő Szeidl (Budapest Kings), Robert Thelin Kozák (Surte BK), Dániel Vendrei (Észak-Pesti BC), Ludvig von Polgar (IFK Uppsala, SWE) and Géza Wührl (Zuglói Pingvinek)

The staff:
Kristian Marosi, head coach
Gábor Nagy, assistant coach
Antal Török, assistant coach
Staffan Pacsay, equipment manager
Gábor Balázs, team manager
Amália Biró, medical escort

The men’s national team starts the World Championships against Czechia

The Hungarian national team immediately gets a chance for revenge against Czechia, as the two teams will play their respective first games in the World Championships against each other. Czechia came out on top in the 3-nations tournament in Budapest in the end of January.

The tournament will be played with two games each day, and Hungary will finish off Friday evening with a clash against Switzerland. On Saturday, Germany awaits in the first match of the day and thereafter the men’s national team will play against neighbours Slovakia. On Sunday, Netherlands awaits in the last group stage game, before the playoffs begin the evening.

This will be the first men’s World Championship since 2020, where Hungary won the gold medal in the B-group, and thus earned a spot in the A-group. Due to the number of participating nations being lower than usual, Hungary will this year compete in a strong B-group. The tournament will be played 24-27 March in Swedish towns Växjö and Åby.

The schedule for the Hungarian men’s national team:

March 24, 13:00, Hungary – Czechia
March 24, 20:00, Hungary – Switzerland
March 25, 08:00, Hungary – Germany
March 25, 15:00, Hungary – Slovakia
March 26, 12:00, Hungary – Netherlands

The playoffs will start on the afternoon of 26th March, with the top 4 teams competing in the semi-finals and the remaining two teams competing for the 5th place.

Successful tournament hosted on Városliget

During the weekend of 27-29 January, the Hungarian Bandy Federation hosted a tournament with three nations participating. Apart from the hosts Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia also participated. It was the first time in three years that official international matches on big ice could be played between the countries and the joy from players, leaders and officials could not be unseen.

Each team played two games each. Hungary and Czechia faced off in the night game on Friday, which ended in a draw and eventually Czechia winning the extra penalties. On Saturday evening, the rival game between Czechia and Slovakia awaited. This game also ended in a draw with Czechia once again winning the extra penalties. Therefor the last game of the tournament turned to be decisive, as depending on the result, any of the teams could win the tournament. Slovakia came out on the top over Hungary in the Sunday evening game and could ultimately celebrate the victory in this tournament.

The Hungarian Bandy Federation would like to thank the Czech and Slovak counterparts for visiting Budapest as well as all officials for tremendous officiating in all games.

Hungary – Czechia 5:5 (2:3 extra penalties)
Czechia – Slovakia 2:2 (2:1 extra penalties)
Slovakia – Hungary 3:0

Hungary – Czechia

Czechia – Slovakia

Slovakia – Hungary

Roster for Men’s Junior World Championship is announced

The Hungarian men’s junior national team will take part in a historic World Championship, as it will be the first time that a Hungarian national team competes in a junior bandy world championship. The youth national team will travel to the World Championship in Sweden with two goalkeepers and 14 players.

The Hungarian team practices on the Városliget Ice Rink before the trip, and then leaves for Gothenburg on Thursday evening. The national team will be playing already on Friday, as it will clash with the Finnish national team in the historic first match.


January 20., 15.00 Finland-Hungary
January 21., 10.00 Hungary-Norway
January 21., 14.00 Sweden-Hungary
January 22., 09.00/14.00 Placement game


Goalkeepers: György Kapin (Zuglói Pingvinek), Dániel Majoros (Észak-Pesti BC)

Players: Dominik Bély (Dynamo Budapest), Aba Biró (Zuglói Pingvinek), Zsombor Eperjessy (Budapest Kings), Balázs Gáspár (Észak-Pesti BC), István Hajzler (Budapest Kings), Márton Kleinhappel (Zuglói Pingvinek), Zoltán Muzsik (Észak-Pesti BC), Jesper Nagy (Katrineholm Bandy, SWE), Milán Porzsolt (Budapest Kings), Márton Pozsgai (Budapest Kings), Gergő Szeidl (Budapest Kings), Dániel Spuriga (Dynamo Budapest), Dániel Vendrei (Észak-Pesti BC), Géza Wührl (Zuglói Pingvinek)


Kristian Marosi, head coach
József Kozák, assistant coach
Gábor Tornyi, equipment manager
Amália Biró, doctor

Czechia winner of KOSA Budapest Cup 2022

Czechia decided from the start that they wanted to win the first international tournament since the 2020 World Championships. A strong first game set the precedent for the rest of the competition and after four wins out of four games, Czechia won the gold medals.

Both Hungarian teams had fought strong but could not win over the Czechs this day. For the Hungarian men’s U21 national team, it was the first national team games and proved to be a great experience for the future.

The final results of the tournament:
Hungary – Czechia 2-6
Czechia – Hungary U21 11-5
Hungary U21 – Hungary 5-19
Czechia – Hungary 8-4
Hungary U21 – Czechia 4-12
Hungary – Hungary U21 7-6

Comeback for the Hungarian women’s national team

After nearly a 14 year hiatus, the Hungarian women’s national team is finally back. And this time stronger than ever.

The new women’s team is consisting of highly skilled players and will play in the upcoming Hungarian Super Cup against the Hungarian men’s club teams.

National team coach for the women’s team will be Kristian Marosi, who is also the head coach for the men’s and men’s U21 teams.

Men’s national team back in action in KOSA Budapest Cup

After almost three years without any national team games, the Hungarian men’s team is finally playing games again. The newly instated KOSA Budapest Cup will host three teams home in Budapest on 1st October, providing these teams with competetive games before the season starts.

The first edition of KOSA Budapest Cup will also bring a newcomer to the world of bandy, as the Hungarian men’s U21 team will play their first games ever. The two teams are completed by Czechia, and the teams will play a total of six games in this highly awaited tournament.

All games will be broadcasted online together with live scores. All games will be played at Mátyásföldi Ice Hall.

World Championship 2022 postponed

The Federation of International Bandy (FIB) has decided that the 2022 Bandy World Championships in Russia will not be organized as planned according to the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Hungarian Bandy Federation (HBF) sadly notes but supports the decision and the IOC’s call for peace.

HBF expresses its deep concerns over the health and safety of Ukrainian people, members of the bandy Family, including our National Team player’s Family living in Kiev, Ukraine.

We believe in the power of sport to promote peace and hope to continue our sport activity in the near future!

Head coach announces extended squad for the World Championships

The men’s national team are preparing for the upcoming World Championship, which is hosted in Syktyvkar, Russia between March 27-April 3.

National team head coach, Kristian Marosi, has announced the extended squad, consisting of 25 players. Before the start of the World Championship, the final squad will consist of a total of 18 players.

The extended squad:

Dániel Bata, André Berglönn, Filip Berglönn, Zsombor Eperjessy, Botond Frajka, Tamás Gál, Balázs Gáspár, Levente Gáspár, Tamás Györi, István Hajzler, György Kapin, Balázs Kocsány, András Kordisz, Levente Lakatos, Even Lübeck, Máté Marosi, Norbert Muzsik, Jesper Nagy, Dennis Pacsay, Milán Porzsolt, Linus Schellin, Niko Suoraniemi, Robert Thelin, Dániel Vendrei and Ludvig von Polgar