Successful tournament hosted on Városliget

During the weekend of 27-29 January, the Hungarian Bandy Federation hosted a tournament with three nations participating. Apart from the hosts Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia also participated. It was the first time in three years that official international matches on big ice could be played between the countries and the joy from players, leaders and officials could not be unseen.

Each team played two games each. Hungary and Czechia faced off in the night game on Friday, which ended in a draw and eventually Czechia winning the extra penalties. On Saturday evening, the rival game between Czechia and Slovakia awaited. This game also ended in a draw with Czechia once again winning the extra penalties. Therefor the last game of the tournament turned to be decisive, as depending on the result, any of the teams could win the tournament. Slovakia came out on the top over Hungary in the Sunday evening game and could ultimately celebrate the victory in this tournament.

The Hungarian Bandy Federation would like to thank the Czech and Slovak counterparts for visiting Budapest as well as all officials for tremendous officiating in all games.

Hungary – Czechia 5:5 (2:3 extra penalties)
Czechia – Slovakia 2:2 (2:1 extra penalties)
Slovakia – Hungary 3:0

Hungary – Czechia

Czechia – Slovakia

Slovakia – Hungary