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January, 30, 2007


Hungary beat the Netherlands 3:2

Two goals from the Hungarians were scored by András Kordisz one by Szabolcs Sándor. Lars Lieskamp and Twan Hengst from the Netherlands scored 1 goal each. The match was attended by more than 1000 people.

Vice-president of Hungarian Bandy Federation Daniel Arvai,Hungarian goalkeeper Tibor Botlik and full-back of the Netherlands Johannes Berting answered journalist' questions at the post-match press-conference.

Berting admitted that his team didn't play as well as itshould have. "We lost because Hungarians were stronger tactically. Their playing style is not traditional bandy. You can't learn to play bandy at ice hockey rinks. We had nothing to much them", said Berting.

The Dutch defender also noted that FIB helps Dutch youth teams to organize training in Sweden andin Norway.

Daniel Arvai confirmed that the Federation does everything possible for bandy development. Teams that don't have ice could train at a bandy arena in Budapest.

Today Hungary is closely watching Mongolia that they are determined to win.

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