Letter of Apology

To Participating Teams, Organising Committee, Swedish Bandy Federation, Federation of International Bandy,

On behalf of the Hungarian Y21 Team, we would like to express our sincere apology for the recent happenings at the Y19 World Championships.
We understand such unacceptable, unsportsmanlike behaviour is unworthy to a World Championships and to the bandy sport.

Naturally we accept the Jury’s decision, and we are at the disposal of any proceedings.

We have completely distanced ourselves from the person in question and condemn his behavior.

We kindly request to judge the Hungarian bandy based on the 30+ years history and achievements instead of a single individual incident.

We are truly sorry for the damage caused and we are thankful for the Organising Committee for their hard work and wish a successful event for the participating Teams and athletes.

Hungarian Y21 Team